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A Word from Outstanding Christian Leaders

"Amy and David Stockwell are uniquely gifted for evangelistic ministry. David is a strong biblical exegete who has a real heart for lost people. Amy shares her husband's heart for the lost, and has a lovely and gifted singing voice. God has honored their ministry and used them in remarkable ways. The Lord will make an impact in your church and community through this gifted couple. It is my privilege to recommend to you David Stockwell Evangelistic Association as you seek to reach the least, the last and the lost of this world."

Dr. Ed Young

Pastor of Second Baptist Church Houston

"In over forty years of involvement in various ministries and churches, I have yet to see anyone more passionate, tireless, focused, and responsible as is David Stockwell, with the evangelistic outreach opportunities God gives him. He is the epitome of a soul-winner for Jesus."

The Honorable William "Mike" Richards, Sr. and Mrs. Richards

Chairman of the Board, DSEA and Biblica

Testimonies From The Field

It is a joy to share a few of the wonderful notes, letters and phone calls we have received over the years, from those whose lives have been touched through David's ministry.

David, while you do not know me, you had a huge impact on me when I was in junior high school. The year was around 1972 in Spearman, Texas. You did a city-wide revival and many of my friends were saved. I renewed my commitment to the Lord as well. The entire environment of Spearman, Texas changed. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! I am thrilled to hear about the thousands saved in [Africa!] To God be the glory! And great job letting the Lord use you. Keep up the good work...I would love to see you again, and meet your family. May God continue to bless your ministry!

Bruce Ammons

I’m so glad that I got to meet this mighty man of God today, Evangelist David Stockwell! I was 8 years old at First Baptist Church, Keller, Texas in a revival. This man preached on the Second Coming of Christ. That night, I received Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord. I got to thank him for being faithful in preaching the word on this side of Heaven. With tears falling down my face, I praise God for this wonderful blessing. Jesus Christ my Redeemer gave me a new name in glory. Hallelujah, I’m saved, saved, saved...

Greg Cagle
Crestwood, KY

Dear David, I have been meaning to contact you for years. You came to Haughton High School in Haughton, LA in 1975 when I was in the 10th grade; you spoke at an assembly during the day and invited us back that night….in my high school gym. I gave my heart to Jesus because of you and your ministry. I have never forgotten that night. When I went home, I shared your message with my mother and younger brother and they both got saved and the following Sunday we were all baptized in church. I am 47 years old now, married with kids and grandchildren. My husband and I serve as an elder couple in our church, Church at Red River, and have been involved in marriage ministry for years. And it all started with you coming to my high school… thank you for obeying God and being bold enough to minister to our campus. God bless you abundantly,!

Debbie Ball
Shreveport, LA

Mr. Stockwell, I was saved in a revival you preached at in 1970 at Gardendale Baptist Church in Corpus Christi. I had attended church my entire life and even thought I was saved. God revealed to me that night in 1970 that I was lost. I was 19 years old. I realized my lost condition about mid-way through your sermon, and was afraid I might die before you finished. As a matter of humor, however serious, I thought you would never finish your sermon. When you began the altar call, I ran, really ran, to the altar and you prayed with me. Yes, your sermon was about judgment and hell. It worked then and it works today, and is a lost message by many pastors and preachers. That's sad. I am a Baptist pastor that has not forgotten that message. If you are ever in the Corpus area, contact me. You are welcome to speak to my little church any time. Blessings, brother. 

Steve Trout
Ingleside, TX

David Stockwell! You preached a youth revival at Alief Baptist Church in Houston August 1971. I accepted Christ that Sunday morning! I have never forgotten you or your message. My husband of 38 years is a minister and we [go on missions in] Romania...Thank you for your obedience to God's calling. Your message that day changed the path my life would have followed -- alcoholism, abuse, and bitterness. I think of you often and pray for your ministry.

Mindy Henson

Thank you, David, for your ministry. I was saved at a revival at First Baptist Church you led circa 1971. John Bisagno was my pastor. I am now 60 and just wanted to say thank you. Please know your ministry and life has encouraged many people, mine especially. We'll talk more about this in the hereafter with John Bisagno. 

Dennis Sessions
Spring, TX

Dear David, My name is Shayne Russell, and although it has been a long time, if I am not mistaken, I believe I was saved under your ministry in 1971. I was a freshman at J. Frank Dobie High School in Houston, Texas and on March 3, I attended a Youth for Christ Rally in which you were the speaking Evangelist. It was the first time for me to hear the Gospel and I came forward that night to give Christ my life. From that night forward, my life was radically changed and now my wife and I are missionaries in Kenya and have been serving in Africa since 1992. As a missionary and a pastor, I so look forward to the day when I arrive in heaven and am told by people that they are there because of my ministry. I thought you might like a little preview of that day. God bless you for your faithfulness to Him, and may you increase in obedience and fruitfulness. Unworthily His,

Shayne Russell
Maysfield, GA

Brother David, my name is Jess Jennings. I received the Lord on March 3, 1983 at one of your crusades in Fort Payne, AL. I am now a missionary with the International Mission Board and have been serving in the Philippines with my family for 14 years. I wanted to say thank you for presenting the Gospel to me. I have talked about you for years and am so glad I found your information. I noticed you are doing some work in the Philippines. We are working in several unreached areas all over the country... Our main ministry is now mobilizing and training students to do church planting. Our website is www.nehemiahteams.com. God bless you.

P.S. One of my best friends...was also saved at one of your crusades in Mississippi in the late 70’s. He has come several times to help us here in the Philippines.

Jess Jennings

Dear David, My name is Bob Lee and I serve as a local pastor in Mechanicsville, VA which is outside of Richmond. This Sunday is the 30th anniversary of the day I became a Christian. I was looking back in the Bible that I received that night and I wrote in it that I was saved at one of your rallies. It was in Anderson, SC. You came to speak at my high school (Westside) and then I went to hear you that evening and responded to the invitation. I was baptized that March. I responded to the call to ministry and enrolled in seminary at age 28 and have been serving here at New Highland for over 14 years. I just wanted you to know the difference you made in my life. In my sermon this Sunday I am going to share my conversion experience and will share about the part you had in it. I am so glad to see the vast ministry that God has done through you. I am preaching a new series on Galatians and the passage in v. 15 where Paul states "But when God" -- reminded me of when God saved me. So thank you for your ministry. I look forward to keeping up with you. May God bless and prosper your ministry.

Dr. Robert Lee
Mechanicsville, VA

I met you, David, in the Spring of 1982. You came to my middle school in Groves, Texas. We had an assembly, during school, where you told us about the meeting you were going to have that night at another school that just happened to be one street over from where I lived at the time. I lived with my grandparents at the time. My grandparents said that I could walk over and see what it was about. I was nervous about going in the building. I did not realize it at the time, but God was there with me every step of the way. I sat on the right side of the auditorium about six rows back and in about four people. I was extremely interested in everything you and to say or sing about that night. One thing I remember you saying was that God is always with us even when our earthly father is not. I accepted Jesus as my Savior that night. When I got up to go to the front, made my "step of faith", I remember I felt as though I "floated" to the front. It ended after dark. My grandmother was outside to pick me up when it was over. There is so much more that I would like to say...most of all I wanted to tell you, "thank you" for allowing God to use you. Without you, who knows where or what I would be doing today. God is my rock and will continue to be. My husband, my daughters, and my son are all Christians. My husband and girls are baptized; and my son is going to be baptized soon.

Tara Robertson
Groves, TX

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